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Experiencing Self-Rejuvenation through Meditation & Relaxation Practices. Stress Management (practical tips on preventive and corrective interventions). Making the work a play, and creating joy in deed by using Natural Laws of success. Holistic Approach to Life (Balancing Work and Life). Understanding Personality types and its impact on stress. Art of Attaining and Sustaining Peak Performance. Self-Transformations using NLP.

arrow Micro lab and Unfreezing (Fantasy Exercise, Paired introduction, and a Balloon Game)
arrow Sharing of Happy/ Good news. Learning from great achievers. Discussion on Joy vs Success and developing the inner side of effectiveness using natural laws of success. Inspiring examples of those who created joy in work, had fun in life and achieved the best.
arrow Administering MBTI Questionnaire to understand different Personality Types and our own uniqueness/ natural preference in terms of dealing with people, trust building, information processing, decision-making styles, time management & work planning and managing diversity. Impact of Personality Types on Stress
arrow MBTI continued with applications to work life. Case study on art of getting along
arrow Number Game. Looking within before looking at others. Finding mind patterns/ traps that make us stressed/ struck/ stoppable. Discovering those 7 powers within for becoming more joyful, positive and productive
arrow Meditation & Relaxation Practice. Experiencing the calmness within
arrow Recap of 1st day learning followed by a fun game
arrow Using NLP Technique (Reprogramming the mind) for bringing inner transformations, converting past upsets/anger/ resentment into positive learning/energy, managing those energy sucking emotions.
arrow Creativity Exercise - Beyond Box Approach and Lateral Thinking to come out from position of struck Managing Conflicts and Criticism Positively. Developing Win-Win approach. (Business Game)
arrow Identifying time wasters and working on them. Time Management Matrix. Developing assertiveness and Learning to say NO gracefully Identifying major causes of stress in work- Individual vs. Organization (Syndicate Discussion)
arrow Roles, Activities and Artifacts
arrow Learning from best practices on stress management from corporate world Knowing your happiness grid. Re-clarifying values/goals and establishing a balance in work and life. Practical tips for Health and Stress management. Preventive & curative aspects.
arrow Meditation & Relaxation Practice. More about various meditation techniques and choosing the one that suits you.